At CBD2400, we pride ourselves in educating our valued customers while delivering a consistent high quality product in every bottle.  We source our CBD Oil from one processor, one farmer and one heirloom Kentucky hemp varietal. The hemp for our oil is grown using organic farming methods and processed in an FDA-registered food-processing facility where we deploy a CO2 extraction process. Our oil retains the full range of the hemp plant’s cannabinoids, terpenes and essential fatty acids and contains less than 0.3% THC. Whether you choose CBD2400 or another leading brand, being informed is the most important tool you can equip yourself when it comes to choosing a great full spectrum CBD oil.

Quality and price per milligram are the two most important factors to consider. Many competitors use multiple hemp sources which means the consumer is subject to changes in quality. Every barrel of our CBD oil is tested, certified by a third-party independent lab and given Certificates of Analysis (COA) to ensure quality and consistency. CBD2400 is regulatory-complaint, non-GMO and pesticide free. We are so confident in the quality of our brand that if you are not fully satisfied we will issue a full refund.  CBD2400 customers are guaranteed to receive the “highest quality from seed to bottle.”

When it comes to price per milligrams, this is where most customers are clueless. It is important that you look at the mg per dosage when analyzing and comparing products. CBD2400 Premium CBD Oil delivers 2400 mg in every $129 one-ounce bottle. We set our prices low because we understand that our customers prefer larger doses and want affordable costs without sacrificing quality.  This cost friendly approach allows us to provide a superior product at a fraction of the price of the other leading brands. 


You have to do a little math to determine the price per milligram.  To do this, you take the price of the oil and divide it by mg of the cannabinoid.  

CBD2400 Premium CBD Oil delivers 2400 mg in every $129 one-ounce (30mL) bottle.  That equates to $.04 to $.05 per milligram making it 40-60% BELOW THE PREVAILING MARKET PRICES.  



"Our family has been using CBD2400 for a few months and have seen great results from better sleep, improved moods, less discomfort and overall better health." 

                                          --Susan G.

"I have less pain, it’s like taking a Tylenol, but it’s better for your kidneys."


                                                --Jorge M.

"I personally use CBD oil as an anti-depressant and this one makes me want to dance around."

                                                 --Karen H.

"The concentration of this product has much to do with the effectiveness. 
I take ½ dropper in the morning and another in the afternoon"

--Rick F.

"This is unique compared to other brands which always take a few minutes to notice."

--Shelby L.